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Two semi-permanent hair color bottles on a white surface, one labeled 'celeb' with an abstract black design, and the other 'vira' with a yellow splash design, both advertised as color care products.

From Vivid Lime Green to an Electric Highlighter Yellow, point blank taking care of Semi-permanent hair color has been my Kryptonite. I absolutely HATE with a passion these Vibrant Hair Colors, it’s perfect when you leave the salon but once you shampoo that hair, the magic is gone and so is the color down the drain. You spend hundreds of dollars to finally become that Majestic Mermaid then all your hopes and dreams wash away, just like that.

Semi-Permanent Hair color is Direct Dyes

Semi-permanent hair color, is direct dyes that only coat on top of the cuticle, it has no ammonia no peroxide, creating a temporary hair color that can last up to 6-8 washes. Hence, “semi-permanent.” Among the favorite lines for semi-permanent hair color would be Pravana Vivids and Pulp Riot Direct dyes, both brands I use in the salon.

A row of hair color spray bottles with the brand name "viral" prominently displayed. each bottle features a different vibrant hair dye color represented by splashes on the packaging.

Viral Shampoos

On the contrary, there’s a solution! Along with upgrading from dial-up internet, this day and age we have evolved to now creating awesome Shampoos and Conditioners that have direct dyes in them to help deposit more color on your hair. Sometimes even making your color richer or brighter, depending on what color you choose.

At my salon we just brought in Viral Shampoos, created by the company, Celeb Luxury, as they describe, their product is “intended to add color and hold color,” and proof behold that’s exactly what they do. Bought from salons and licensed cosmetologists, this ingenious product has rocked my world and so many of my clients as well. Used for anyone who has dramatic colors, they come in shades of Extreme Silver, Yellow, Teal, Purple, Red, Blue, Hot Pink. For lighter dramatic tones they also have Pastel Baby Blue, Lavender, and Light Pink. By leaving the shampoo on for at least 5-10 minutes you can see an automatic improvement of how much this shampoo deposits. I’m so impressed from back in the day using manic panic and conditioner in one bottle, this shampoo eliminates the trouble and definitely is the best treatment for anyone trying to hold on to their mermaid locks.

Two bottles of viral hair care shampoo and conditioner with splashes of yellow and blue paint next to them. the packaging has bold, colorful text against a white background.

Tips for Semi-Permanent Color Care

  • Cool H20 – by always rinsing your hair whether vivid colors or normal tones, in cold water prevents the color molecules from leaving your cuticles. The cool water helps to lock and seal the color in, while hot water opens up the cuticle.
  • Celeb Luxury Viral Shampoo – ask your stylist what they prefer for your hair. Sometimes with what you have, certain tones work well with different colors. For instance, when I was Neon Green, I liked washing with Viral’s Extreme Yellow in order to keep that vibrancy true, just because the teal was way to dark and blue. I had a little bit of some darker Emerald tones as well, and the yellow didn’t affect it, just because through color theory, blue + yellow = green so the yellow just intensifies the brightness of the emerald.
  • So by choosing color placement before dying is also vital to longevity.
  • Keratin Blowdry – not only to help take frizz away from your hair, our Keratin Express Blowdry treatment from Keratin Complex, is an add-on $50 treatment that locks in color to help seal your cuticles for longer staying power.
  • I also recommend the Keratin Express Blowdry treatment for anyone who wants a taste of what their Original treatment does. Gives your decrease on frizz as well as increase of manageability. Perfect for vacations as well, if you’re thinking about roaming through the Amazon Rainforest, why not?
  • Sulfate Free – you’ve heard it time and time again, whether you have Galaxy Blue Purple Hair to Ashed out Blonde ends, you need to grab a sulfate free shampoo. In a nutshell sulfates create the fun bubbles you get when sudding up your scalp, but it also accounts for the loss of hair color. I suggest when using Viral to switch in between with another sulfate free shampoo to use as a treatment for your scalp and to not deposit too much color into your hair, because I’ve discovered that it deepens my fluorescent yellow into a mustard yellow.
  • I recommend Living Proof Shampoos and Conditioners, Sulfate Free, Gluten Free, and Color Safe, my go to number one suggestion for clients. Ranging from their Perfect Hair Day line to their Restore line to help nourish problematic ends, if this brand is good for Jennifer Anniston than it’s definitely good enough for me.
  • Skip a Wash – or two. Many of us stylists know too well our vacation weekly rinses. I am guilty of waiting a whole week in order to maintain my hair color. Is it disgusting – Yes! Hey, it’s not like I’m not showering, I’m just using a plastic cap every time I’m under the water. Not washing for a week also leads to chic slicked down ponytails, that never get dated.
  • Speaking of Under the Water – how about under the sea? or in hot tubs, pools? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Great hair takes sacrifice. Salt and chlorine is an absolute no no. I do want a life though, so screw that, whatever it takes right? My remedy is mist my hair with tap water from a spray bottle than spray on Hairdresser’s Invisible Primer on my ends than comb through to distribute it throughout. This helps moisturize your hair, protect it from heat and uv rays as well as closing the cuticle to protect from the harsh water.

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Super excited to get posted not once, but twice on the Celeb Luxury Instagram. Follow them for great tips from other stylists on how they use this miraculous shampoo or get the latest and greatest ideas on your next hair color transformation.

Comment below if you’ve ever used Viral Shampoos or any other kind of hair color deposit shampoo, conditioner.


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