By Published On: July 19th, 20220.9 min readLast Updated: May 22nd, 2023

Hello and happy summer Bauman beauties! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a trend forecast so let’s talk about the hottest styles we’ve seen this summer. Lord knows it’s been steamy in and out of the salon!

A white cat lies sprawled on the floor next to an oscillating fan, appearing to enjoy the breeze on a sunny day. the cat's leisurely pose suggests relaxation and comfort.

Aside from the seasonal chops, I’ve been seeing these little hearthrob bobs all over the place! On tiktok and in my chair, these jaw length bobs contour one’s head shape and jaw structure deliciously.

A profile of a person with short curly hair, wearing an orange striped shirt, standing in front of a green wall adorned with various red heart decorations.

This upcoming next one has been ongoing for a couple of years at this point, those bouncy 90’s layers have come and stayed. Now it’s going by the alias, “butterfly cut”. Now there’s been new techniques developed to give this look in different ways, but one thing is for sure… It looks sexy with some wispy Pam Anderson bangs!

Two side-by-side images of women showing their hairstyles. on the left, a woman with long, wavy brown hair; on the right, a woman with voluminous, styled blonde hair.
Promotional graphic featuring "naomi kogan" with an invitation to "book an appointment with me today", includes a photo of a smiling woman with glasses in a circular frame.
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