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In my opinion, Halloween is hands down THE BEST holiday out of the entire year. I always look forward to Halloween Horror Nights, trick or treating, and having an excuse to play dress up! Unfortunately, as we know COVID-19 put a little damper on everyone’s plans. Like most things this year, we’re just going to have to make the most of it and enjoy a more intimate, low key Halloween. Here are a few things you can still do with your boo in Orlando or at home this spooky season!

A person wearing a ghost costume made from a white sheet with eye cut-outs stands on a sunny street, revealing fishnet stockings and black boots.

If you are just horrified that there is no Halloween Horror Nights this year, not to worry! You can still get your scream on at A Petrified Forest on E. Altamonte Drive. It’s a locally produced haunted house, that’s a much more affordable alternative to the Universal Studios version that we all know and love. You can go to their website HERE to look at tickets and get more info. From what I’ve heard there’s limited capacity, and they try to enforce social distancing by spacing out their guests as much as possible.

This next idea is for all my movie lovers out there! One of the most underrated hidden gems in Orlando is the Enzian Theater in Maitland. The Enzian is a single-screen alternative cinema cafe that’s been around since 1985. The Enzian has always had a special, whimsical charm. They have gorgeous oak trees decorating the property that matches the cozy atmosphere inside as well. One of the best parts of the Enzian experience is that you can order a drink and a meal from the kitchen to enjoy with the Halloween themed flick they’ve decided to play! Pack a quilt and a couple of pillows in your car, because they even set up movies in a local park once a month if you’re concerned about going inside. You can check out their calendar on their website HERE.

I’ve decided to go old school with this last one, you guys. The best thing you could do this spooky season is kick it at home with your family or a few friends. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a boring night! There are lots of recipes for Halloween-themed drinks on Pinterest! The simplest one I found is this one called, Vampire Bite. All you need is 7 Up, Kool-Aid Tropical Punch Flavor Enhancer, and vodka (if you’re having an adult get together. If not, simply omit the vodka and it still makes a delish party punch for kiddos!).

Then put down the phone, get your hands dirty, and carve a pumpkin! When was the last time you did that? Sometimes, you have to go backward and enjoy simple activities you would do as a child. I promise it won’t ruin your street cred to play with pumpkin guts and roast the seeds afterward. Take photos and make the most out of this holiday by sharing these moments with the ones you love!

Your J. Bauman fam wishes you a very happy and a very VERY safe Halloween!

– @naomithehairfairy

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